Image recognition for building maintenance

Take measurements, perform condition surveys and find upgrade potential to inspect thousands of buildings within minutes!

Facade openings





Interior elements

Facade openings
Interior elements

One platform, six methods

6 ways to get the perfect picture

Pictures taken by tenants and building inspectors can be uploaded to the cloud within an instant for immediate image analysis powered by A.I.

Tenant or Inspector

The integration of streetview images from Google and Cyclomedia allows us to analyse every building within any country in a matter of minutes.


Drones allow us to get up close to sections of buildings that are otherwise difficult to reach. This way we make sure to capture every little detail.


3D analyses allow for precise measurements and quantification of building data both automatically and manually on the Spotr platform.


Airplanes can capture the front, back and roof of every building affordable in large quantities and high quality. Thats how we make sure we don't miss a thing.


High resolution satellite images allow to quantify your building portfolio on a massive scale. The focus is on volume, rather than detail.


The benefits

Let us do the boring repetitive work so you can focus on the intelligent

10x fewer on-site inspections
See your potential for a sustainable world
Save money with just-in-time maintenance
Increase customer satisfaction
Keep knowlegde within your organisation
Raise complaince with risk identification

See the Spotr dashboard in action

Insights are one click away

  • Building measurements
  • Condition surveys
  • All images in one place
  • Portfolio insights
  • Define portfolio potential

The service

Spotr as your digital colleague

Condition surveys

Perform condition surveys on your entire portfolio from the comfort of your own desk, saving time and resources.

  • 3x less on site visits
  • 100% digital condition survey
  • Accurate and fast risk assessments
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Image Repository

All the information and knowledge you need for your inspectors in one place. And you don't even need to take the pictures!

  • Efficient knowledge transfer
  • Predictive maintenance made easy
  • Less visiting, more fixing!
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Quantity Take-off

Have you ever measured the surface of a roof without having to climb on it? With Spotr, you can put your ladder down.

  • More transparency from the get-go
  • Clear financial planning
  • Better data for better insights
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Real Estate Management

Insights for the real-estate professional to support performance based maintenance, safety of homes and submission of precise offers.

  • Exterior BIM Model
  • Due diligence reports
  • Material Passport
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Customer Succes

Quickly find photos of a building’s interior and exterior to have smoother conversations with customers.

  • Easily find images during a call
  • Interior analyses
  • Garden analyses
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Building Inspection

Uniform analyses of images retains knowledge within the organisation, makes information easy to find and prevents duplication.

  • Image bank for inspectors
  • Connect to ERP system
  • Defect measurements
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You'll be in good company

Over the past years, we’ve worked with some of the most experienced partners in the industry to learn exactly what a useful platform should entail.

Fred Jak
Manager Programma | De alliantie

“We’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do with this tool. When it is up to the creativity of our people, there will be unlimited possibilities.”

Peter Willemse
Policy maker | Haag wonen

“We’ve used Spotr to find similar roofs to renovate in our 22.000 buildings. The task was done in minutes and would've taken us days with manual labor.”

John Pijnappels
Manager Programma | De alliantie

“We’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do with this tool. When it is up to the creativity of our people, there will be unlimited possibilities.”

The process

Getting started is super easy


Send us your portfolio

All you need to get started is an address list. Just send us an Excel or a CSV and you’re off!


Let the technology work for you

The data related to your buildings is automatically collected. This is then analysed by our AI.


Get creative together

Your technical experts and our data-scientist will join forces to find improvements together.

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The partners

Spotr is revolutionising building management with: