Spotr comes with three features, including optional Expert Services

Image Bank

REDUCE Site visits
  • Access to up-to-date image bank

  • Aerial, satellite and streetview images

  • Possibility to upload data

  • Share images with colleagues

  • Yearly data update

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Data house in order
  • Traceable measurements

  • Traceable condition scan

  • Optional manual checks

  • Data exportable to Excel

  • Data exportable to other systems

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data-driven decision making
  • Locate options upward extension

  • Locate options for solar panels

  • Locate sustainability investments

  • 60 additional filters

  • 100 GIS maps

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Expert Services

Image Bank

Training employees

Bespoke capture with drones

Bespoke capture with Spotr

Bespoke capture interior

Data anonymization


Manual checks measurements

Condition scan entire portfolio

Training surveyors

Advice on maintenance planning

Manual check data anonymization


Data science experiments

Train internal data specialists

Support data-driven programming

Getting started with Spotr is easy: no set up costs required