Detect underinsurance
in your portfolio

Spotr helps brokers to detect underinsurance by estimating reinstatement costs of their insured properties with AI.

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Protect your customers against underinsurance & other risks

An estimated 83% of properties are currently underinsured by 35% due to outdated policy indexing methods and overlooking changes in building.

High Risk

Changed number of floors

Medium risk

Changed activity


Spotr for insurance brokers

Protect your customers against underinsurance and ensure that they receive accurate coverage every year. Detect underinsurance and receive insights into the reinstatement cost of each property.

Spotr helps underwriters work faster and detects opportunities and risks by generating insights into reinstatement costs of insured buildings with AI.

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Exceed client expectations

By pro-actively approaching customers regarding possible underinsurance of their properties.

Personalized pricing & selling

Increase revenue with personalized pricing based on insights into reinstatement costs.

Save on inspection costs

Save on inspection costs by conducting them digitally based on recent imaging.

How it works

We collect images & data

Spotr collects a complete visual profile of your properties, including roof, facade, context ánd interior images.

context spotr detection
wall and facade real estate spotr detectionSpotR What we can detect
interior spotr detectionconstruction real estate spotr detectionwall and facade real estate spotr detectionroof spotr detection
rear facade spotr icon

Rear facade

  • Aerial
  • Drone
    front facade spotr icon

    Front facade

    • Street images
    • Legacy images
    • End user upload
    • Bespoke capture
      roof facade spotr icon

      Roof images

      • Satellite
      • Aerial
      • Drone
        interior facade spotr icon


        • End user upload
        • Bespoke capture
        • Drone
          context facade spotr icon


          • Open data
          • Streetview
          • Aerial

          Our sources


          Images from streetlevel sources such as Cyclomedia, Google and Getmapping.


          See properties and surroundings from a satellite view.


          Images from aerial sources such as planes and drones.

          Open data

          Maps with extensive data about heat islands, foundation problems, and more.

          Third party

          Images that are taken on-site by tenants or inspectors.

          Legacy images

          Images gathered over the years can be organized and stored within Spotr

          How it works

          We inspect & score buildings at scale with AI

          Spotr uses AI to inspect properties on elements, condition, typology, materialization and measurements, after which we use scoring models to turn the data into insights.

          Inspect buildings at scale

          For instance, is there solar panel installation, or what is the condition of the building's façade?

          Score all data to produce insights

          What is the property's rebuild value? Or which policyholders would have an interest in this new insurance offering?

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          Connect to your applications through an API

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          How Spotr digitally generated building heights for a UK insurance brokerage

          The devastating Grenfell Tower fire in London brought a major safety risk for all high-rise buildings to light. A large independent insurance brokerage asked Spotr to find all buildings taller than 18 meters in their portfolio, to be able to comply with newly instated safety regulations.

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