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General FAQ

Who is for? was originally created for housing corporations. However, as our services grow in scope so does our customer base. can also be used by building companies and governmental bodies such as municipalities and provinces.

Is an Octo brand?

Yes, Spotr is an Octo brand together with HeadsUpp. You can visit our brand website here:  

Do you also offer your services outside of the Netherlands?

Yes, we are happy to work with international customers.


Is it possible to request a pilot?

Yes, check out our pilot offer here.

What are the requirements on my company’s end?

All we need to set up the platform is an address list. After the platform has been set up, we ask for enthusiastic “early adapters” in order to integrate the platform within your organisation as thoroughly as possible. By holding personal interviews of 30 minutes each, we determine the best applications of the platform and we ensure optimal integration.


What is a condition survey?

The condition survey is as prescribed by the Dutch Standard NEN2767. The only difference is that we use new, modern tools such as image recognition technologies and drones with the goal of performing faster and more accurate condition surveys.

What is a quantity takeoff?

A quantity takeoff is a process that assesses the dimensions of all the elements of a building’s interior and exterior. The dimensions are determined by our image recognition algorithms with a proven accuracy rate of 95 to 98.5%. The advantage is that the quantity takeoff is performed within a few minutes instead of a few days.

Is completely automatic?

No, our algorithms will not replace people. Our vision is to combine the best of both worlds. does all the boring and repetitive work, while people check and supplement. The result of this combination is to perform better, faster, and more accurate work.

Does replace building inspectors?

No, our algorithms will never replace building inspectors. Their precious work is needed to check and supplement the results of our software.

Does integrate with other software?

Yes, it is possible to build real-time links with other software packages via our API.

Can the platform also inspect interiors?

Yes, interiors are also inspected in our platform through photos taken by residents, inspectors, and contractors. The photos can be easily added to the correct house via our app or photo-link.


How can I request access to your API?

The full API documentation can be found at Ask your contact person for an API account!

I have technical difficulties on the platform

How annoying! We would like to resolve this as quickly as possible! It is best to fill in the feedback form, which can be found under “My Account”. Are you unable to log in? Please contact your contact person directly.

I would like to see some features that are not in the app yet

How nice that you think along with us! New ideas can be sent via the feedback form, which can be found under “My Account” Thanks in advance!

Is your system compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, we handle all your data very carefully. When creating a new account, the user agrees to our privacy conditions.