Locate outdated
energy labels

Find outdated energy labels that have a negative impact on Loan to Value Ratios due to ESG regulation.


Locate outdated energy labels

The rapid changes in ESG regulations can make it challenging for banks to keep up with the latest requirements. Outdated energy labels on properties can lead to inaccurate assessments of energy efficiency and potentially impact the LTV ratio of loans. This not only increases risk but also creates hurdles in complying with regulatory standards.

At Spotr, we offer an AI-powered remote property inspection tool that helps you identify and address properties with outdated energy labels, enabling you to make more informed lending decisions while staying ESG compliant.Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our team to receive more information or a personalized demo.

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How it works

We collect images & data

Spotr collects a complete visual profile of your properties, including roof, facade, context ánd interior images.

context spotr detection
wall and facade real estate spotr detectionSpotR What we can detect
interior spotr detectionconstruction real estate spotr detectionwall and facade real estate spotr detectionroof spotr detection
rear facade spotr icon

Rear facade

  • Aerial
  • Drone
    front facade spotr icon

    Front facade

    • Street images
    • Legacy images
    • End user upload
    • Bespoke capture
      roof facade spotr icon

      Roof images

      • Satellite
      • Aerial
      • Drone
        interior facade spotr icon


        • End user upload
        • Bespoke capture
        • Drone
          context facade spotr icon


          • Open data
          • Streetview
          • Aerial

          Our sources


          Images from streetlevel sources such as Cyclomedia, Google and Getmapping.


          See properties and surroundings from a satellite view.


          Images from aerial sources such as planes and drones.

          Open data

          Maps with extensive data about heat islands, foundation problems, and more.

          Third party

          Images that are taken on-site by tenants or inspectors.

          Legacy images

          Images gathered over the years can be organized and stored within Spotr

          How it works

          We inspect & score buildings at scale with AI

          Spotr uses AI to inspect properties on elements, condition, typology, materialization and measurements, after which we use scoring models to turn the data into insights.

          Inspect buildings at scale

          For instance, is there solar panel installation, or what is the condition of the building's façade?

          Score all data to produce insights

          What is the property's rebuild value? Or which policyholders would have an interest in this new insurance offering?

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