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Spotr digitally inspects buildings at scale to reduce on-site visits, get your data house in order and facilitate data-driven decision making.

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View every property without going on site

Your all-in-one solution for remote property management. Capture, view, and analyze your entire portfolio with ease.


Spotr for Housing Associations

The Spotr platform for housing associations utilizes streetview, satellite, aerial, and open data sources to create a comprehensive visual profile of your properties. No more unnecessary site visits!

Get all visual data regarding your properties stored in one digital platform, accessible to everyone in your organization. Customize Spotr for housing associations with optional add-ons to receive deeper insight into your portfolio.

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Up-to-date property images

Access to yearly updated property images from aerial, satellite and streetview sources.

Estate profiles

View estate profiles of every estate in your portfolio.

Upload & store your own assets

Possibility of uploading your own images or 3D models.

Optional add-ons


Get a remote condition quickscan of all properties in your portfolio annually, to understand which properties need your attention for maintenance.

ExteriorCondition categorizes each estate into Bad, Poor, Fair or Good condition.

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Optional add-ons


Ensure that all interiors within your portfolio are captured and assessed using Spotr’s InteriorCondition.

All data seamlessly integrates into the Spotr platform, allowing visual access to every interior and making it easy to determine which interiors require maintenance.

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Optional add-ons

ImageCollect App

Gain unlimited access to the Spotr ImageCollect App for capturing both exterior and interior shots.

Capture images of your properties on the spot using the app. All pictures will be promptly uploaded to the correct estate within the Spotr platform.

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Optional add-ons

Change detection

Detect whether tenants have implemented alterations to your properties, such as self-installed structures like sheds.

The initial scan in the first year will establish a baseline. Subsequently, changes within your property portfolio will be identified annually.

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How it works

We collect images and data

Spotr collects a complete visual profile of your properties, including roof, facade, context ánd interior images.

SpotR What we can detect
SpotR What we can detect
SpotR What we can detectSpotR What we can detectSpotR What we can detectSpotR What we can detectSpotR What we can detect
rear facade spotr icon

Rear facade

  • Aerial
  • Drone
    front facade spotr icon

    Front facade

    • Street images
    • Legacy images
    • End user upload
    • Bespoke capture
      roof facade spotr icon

      Roof images

      • Satellite
      • Aerial
      • Drone
        context facade spotr icon


        • Open data
        • Streetview
        • Aerial
          interior facade spotr icon


          • End user upload
          • Bespoke capture
          • Drone

          Our sources


          Images from streetlevel sources such as Cyclomedia, Google and Getmapping.


          See properties and surroundings from a satellite view.


          Images from aerial sources such as planes and drones.

          Open data

          Maps with extensive data about heat islands, foundation problems, and more.

          Third party

          Images that are taken on-site by tenants or inspectors.

          Legacy images

          Images gathered over the years can be organized and stored within Spotr

          How it works

          We inspect & score buildings at scale with AI

          Spotr uses AI to inspect properties on elements, condition, typology, materialization and measurements, after which we use scoring models to turn the data into insights.

          Identification of elements, condition & more

          Get additional data you need, like elements, condition or specific risks associated with your properties.

          Score all data to produce insights

          All data can be used to produce insights like: which estates should be included in next year's maintenance plan?

          Spotr Share

          Choose how you'd like to receive your data

          View all data in our visual webapplication

          Connect to your applications through an API

          Receive custom-made reports from our team

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          Why choose Spotr?

          Zero hassle implementations

          No setup costs involved.

          Export data & link to other platforms

          Including CRM, ERP and GIS systems.

          Access to a full visual twin

          Covering the roof, facades and interior.

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          Arcade: "We can see which roofs are suitable for solar panels in just a few clicks."

          "With Spotr, we've now got a central and replicable system where we can see the condition of each building in just a few clicks."

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