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Housing provider ieder1 trusts Spotr for their digital stock condition surveys

September 25, 2023
housing providers stock condition surveys

Ieder1’s slogan “Home is where you feel good”, touches on the core of their mission: helping people who need it most by providing them with high quality housing. Ensuring a good condition of their properties is therefore a top priority for housing provider ieder1. By implementing Spotr, ieder1 wants to gain optimal insight into the basic information and condition of its real estate. Spotr inspects properties remotely using AI, with which accurate, up-to-date property data can be efficiently collected and viewed by the entire organization.

Managing real estate has never been more complex. Legislation is increasing every year, costs are rising, there’s staff shortages and a looming wave of retirement. This places immense pressure on the already labor-intensive process of stock condition surveys and the collection of up-to-date property data.

In response to these challenges, Spotr, in collaboration with housing associations, has developed a platform allowing buildings to be digitally and comprehensively inspected, reducing the need for on-site visits, streamlining data management and enabling data-driven decision-making.

How does Spotr work?

Spotr uses the latest street view, satellite, aerial and open data sources to create an annually updated visual twin of the property portfolio. Spotr then inspects the images with AI to detect elements, condition, typology and materialization, and then converts data into insights through scoring. All data can be viewed in the Spotr platform or exported to your own systems for further analyses.

Housing provider ieder1 and Spotr

Spotr will carry out a digital stock condition survey for ieder1 in which the property images are assessed in accordance with the (Dutch method) NEN 2767. Each defect is linked to a photo. The defects are then annotated describing magnitude and intensity of the defect. Spotr provides insight into the condition scores per estate and per building section, based on the classification system NL-SFB. This digital stock condition survey focuses on visually observable defects on front facades, side facades and roofs. Spotr also draws up a report with the aggregated scores per estate for the Dutch Housing Association Authority.

This digital stock condition survey, together with up-to-date images, GIS maps and an estate profile, can be easily viewed per estate, address, building section or data source in the Spotr platform. You can also easily upload your own images or 3D models to the right estate. This way you can view every estate from behind your desk!

“Through our collaboration with Spotr in combination with our maintenance partners, we are able to take our asset management strategy to the next level. Here at ieder1, we embrace innovation in order to digitize our property portfolio. This way we can optimize operational costs and invest in our organization to make it more data driven and futureproof,” says Henri Boertien, Asset Manager at ieder1.

Dirk Huibers, CEO of Spotr: “We are very proud of our collaboration with housing provider ieder1 to contribute to the digitization of their property portfolio. Together we are building a data-driven future in which housing associations can operate in a sustainable way and at the lowest possible costs.”

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