Customer stories

Let our customers explain how they’ve implemented Spotr and how it benefited their property management decisions.

Real Estate

Real estate and climate change adaptation: How Sweco used Spotr to understand physical climate risks

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"Using Spotr, we managed to gather the necessary building data to assess physical climate risks far more quickly and automatically."
Jeroen van Eekelen and Jelmer van de Ridder, Sweco Consultants

How Spotr digitally generated building heights for a UK insurance brokerage

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Housing Associations

Arcade: "We can see which roofs are suitable for solar panels in just a few clicks."

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"With Spotr, we've now got a central and replicable system where we can see the condition of each building in just a few clicks."
Ronald Rouwendaal, Portfolio Manager
Housing Associations

KleurrijkWonen: “Objective building measurements are the basis for datadriven decision making”

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"We want to base our decision making process on information that’s as objective as possible. Objective building measurements are the basis for those decisions.”
Ferry Evers, Asset Manager
Housing Associations

Logchies Renovation & Maintenance: “Visual data helps us work more efficiently.”

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"For us, Spotr is a development we strongly believe in. By having the correct data and visualizing it, we can work more efficiently and effectively.”
Jan van der Kolk, IT Manager
Housing associations

The Alliantie: from 5 building surveyors to 1 drone pilot

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“We can do things much faster now. Not inspect and measure an estate in 3 days, but in 4 hours.”
Fred Jak, Program Manager

Enriching 3D models with artificial intelligence: The Municipality of Rotterdam proves it’s possible

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“The completeness of the results is amazing, the image recognition has worked very well.”
Tjits Tuinhof, Advisor at the Municipality of Rotterdam

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