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“From Multi-Year Maintenance Plans to sustainable investment planning: that’s how we help housing associations.”

January 31, 2022

He has been working with housing associations for almost 20 years and is our newest colleague at Spotr: Jeroen Hagen. Housing associations know Jeroen as a Multi-Year Maintenance Plan expert. Over the years, he helped many housing associations set up maintenance plans. Now he’s ready for the next step in his career and in how housing associations collect, manage and interpret data.

"The future? Having data in order and being able to share and combine data effectively and unambiguously. That way, maintenance plans become integral, sustainable investment plannings that help you decide exactly on how to best spend your financial resources.”

Jeroen has helped housing associations for years with their maintenance planning software. “At the very beginning, people thought that with the purchase of a software package, all problems had been solved. However, nothing could be further from the truth. They actually bought an 'empty box' that could be filled at their own discretion. I helped housing associations fill that 'empty box' with relevant data and use the software in the best way possible.”

Jeroen got to know Spotr through a customer. “Especially the open character, the vision and the speed of action immediately appealed to me. Also, working closely together with housing associations. Spotr actually makes something the customer wants, together with the customer, instead of “We think we're going to make something the customer wants”. That’s an essential difference. My 'buddy' at my previous employer, Alex, also told me about Spotr with such enthusiasm that I had to make the switch. Working on smart solutions within housing associations, making something that makes other people happy, gives me great fulfillment.”

Regarding collecting and making use of data, what changes have you seen within housing associations recently?

“Over the years, housing associations have started doing more work with fewer people. This is made possible, among other things, by deploying systems and outsourcing work to maintenance partners. As a result, managing data of the real estate portfolio has become increasingly important. But that has proven to be challenging. In practice, it still happens regularly that data has to be recollected when an employee leaves, because data is not well documented. Or that all maintenance partners first make an inventory of the state of the portfolio themselves prior to maintenance work.”

“More and more housing associations are realizing this can be done differently. That it’s important to have complete and easily exchangeable information. That way, they can immediately spot priorities in their property maintenance, or opportunities to combine work on sustainability improvements. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about housing associations, it’s that they’re keen on satisfied tenants and always want to spend their financial resources in the best way possible.”

What do you think the future holds when it comes to data and maintenance plans? Where are we headed?

“The future is: having your data in order! The entire organization must be able to rely on one source of truth. This way, data can be shared and combined effectively and unambiguously, is easily accessible to everyone and, above all, is visual! Housing associations are moving towards an integrated, sustainable investment planning, with which they can see exactly how to best spend their financial resources. Quality measurements can also be done faster and more effectively this way.”

“I’m really looking forward to helping housing associations with these topics. To link their challenges to our experience in making maintenance plans and developing the very latest property tech. I’m also looking forward to jointly investigate what else can be done with Spotr's products and applications. I’d like to brainstorm about this with our clients. What questions are they looking to answer and what do they need to take the next step towards an integrated, sustainable investment planning? I'm looking forward to all conversations to come!"

Interested in knowing more about sustainable investment planning?

Feel free to reach out and book a meeting with Jeroen to further discuss the current situation at your housing association.

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