Our mission

We want building management to be seamless and fun

Our product started out as a tool for inspecting buildings using drones. Now, we use over nine image sources ranging from humans to satellites to analyse entire building portfolios in minutes. Our goal is simple: we want to have all of the buildings in the world managed by Spotr.ai.

Our Culture

We strive to be open,  curious and pragmatic

We are a small team of young people who are connected through a drive to solving beautiful problems. It's important to us to have an open and pragmatic approach. We believe different perspectives and ideas within the team complement each other when they are embraced.

Meet our team

The people behind Spotr.ai

Dirk Huibers

CEO / Cofounder

Marieke Dijksma

CTO / Cofounder

Tara Campagne

COO / Cofounder

Anouk Knip

Management Assistant

Arent van Korlaar

Data Scientist

Danny Peeters

Senior Developer

Gijs Koot

Lead Data Science

Gina Stavropoulou

Data Scientist

Kristiaan van Korlaar

Senior Developer

Andra Ciuperca

Junior Marketing

Bertalan Varga

Junior Marketing

Floris de Grip

Software Developer

Jeremy Terol

Junior Business Developer

Jesse Danckaarts

Front-end Developer

Jort Siegers

Junior Software Developer

Jurn vd Berg

Data Analyst / Consultant

Koen Bogers

Medior Front-end Developer

Lucas van der Horst

Data Analyst / Consultant

Niels Dijkstra

Customer Success Manager

Satrya Sabeni

Data Scientist

Shivan Rambaran

Junior Software Developer

Vincent Mulder

Junior Software Developer

Jabe Diederiks

Graduate Intern

Niels Norbart

Customer Success Graduate

Ricky Baidjnathmisier

Software Development Intern

Timo Walraven

Customer Success Graduate