Release Notes

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December 11, 2020

Our latest release brings the new feature of tree detection close to roofs for better damage prevention, updated data architecture, and a number of fixed issues.

New feature icon.


Added tree detection and more images

  • In the building details, you can now see whether there is a tree close to the roof of the building. This can help predict possible damages to the roof.
  • Satellite images and aerial images are now also available on the complex page.
Changed feature icon.


Improved performance on the platform

  • Data architecture for saving changes to facades has been improved.
  • Measurements on warped images have been improved.
Bug fix image.


The issues below have been fixed in this release

  • Images uploaded to by users were not visible in the platform.
  • Some of the high resolution aerial images were not loading.
  • Navigation from the updates page to the complex was not working.