Release Notes

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November 12, 2020

Our 1.4.0 release involves new features concerning quantity take-offs for entire building complexes, improved loading times on our building detail pages, quicker navigation between various tabs, and a whole lot of bug fixes.

New feature icon.


One quantity take-off for a whole complex

You can now let Spotr calculate the quantity take-off all buildings in a complex. This gives you the sizes of all elements, like windows, found within an entire building complex combined. In addition you can break down element quantities for each address within a complex.

Changed feature icon.


We improved performance of navigation between pages

We changed the process of switching between the complex list and the address list and navigating to a complex or address. This decreases waiting time and makes for a smoother experience.

Bug fix image.


A number of bugs were also fixed in this release

  • Issues with element extraction from Cyclomedia images were resolved
  • All element types are now correctly shown in the quantity take-off
  • Problems with navigation between pages were fixed
  • Changing source of uploaded image doesn't work
  • Issues with manually changing image sources were fixed
  • Missing street view images were made available
  • Negative wall surface areas were corrected
  • The proportions of warped images were improved