Quantity Take-off

Precise budgets and faster decision-making

usually is a discrepancy between the original estimated budget and the final cost requested by a contractor. This discrepancy will slow the decision-making process down and can stall the project altogether.

This is where Spotr comes in. By providing precise measurements and quantities at the onset of a project, Spotr allows corporations to make a data-based quote. The new quote can be immediately incorporated into the budget, thus preventing superfluous on-site visits and excessive bureaucracy while facilitating informed decisions.

Reduced maintenance costs are not only beneficial for corporations, but for everyone else too. It directly translates into more affordable and livable housing, where the maintenance expenses are low and the quality of the buildings is high.

When renovation projects are quickly planned and executed, more and more buildings get a chance for a new life. Spotr reduces the time spent on administrative work and equips corporations and contractors with a crystal clear picture of what needs improvement and in what quantity. As a result, a higher number of old buildings can be updated with energy-efficient materials and installations.

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