Image Repository

The image repository function in Spotr makes it easier for different users to access and share valuable data. After a building unit has been uploaded onto the platform, Spotr will automatically collect all the available images connected to the unit. These images can be satellite photos, street views, photos taken from a plane or drone, as well as photos taken by inspectors and tenants.

Having such a diverse database helps with creating a complete picture of a building that can be accessed by different parties. This comes in handy for tenants as well as housing corporations.

When tenants encounter a problem that need fixing, they can take a picture of the object that needs care and upload it onto the platform. With this information, the housing corporation can send the right person with the right tools to solve the issue. No need for redundant visits. This is what we call "first-time-fix".

This approach can is vastly beneficial for inspectors who can inspect more houses in less hours, making the most of their valuable time and thus driving productivity. Not only they will have access to all the photos available online, but also to pictures and notes taken during previous inspections. This precious information will be saved and stored, ready for use.