Condition surveys

Condition surveys are an important tool for ensuring the safety and health of a building. Traditionally, condition surveys are performed by housing corporations based on a standardized list. Inspectors select one-third of the complexes belonging to their portfolios on an annual basis. Of the selected complexes, inspectors will physically visit only 10% of the units within the selected complexes.

We believe that all units should be inspected. And we made it possible, with Spotr.

Spotr will digitally inspect 100% of the complexes in a portfolio from the get-go. Based on a risk assessment combined with a list of complaints from current tenants, we then select 20% high-risk complexes. Within the high-risk complexes, 100% of the units will be digitally inspected, and 50% will be inspected in person.

Spotr leaves no house behind and brings many benefits forward.

spotr condition survey

Tenants are the first people to benefit from Spotr's innovative approach. Spotr will digitally inspect and check their house or apartment for defects such as cracks in the masonry or clogged rain pipes. While the process is non-invasive and safeguards people's privacy, it is also precise in assessing risk. High-risk units are thus prioritized for in-person inspections.

Housing corporations have much to gain with Spotr. First, less in-person inspections will reduce expenses, without compromising on safety. Second, by digitally inspecting 100% of the portfolio Spotr reduces risks for inspectors and tenants alike, ensuring that there will be no blind spots or missed details.

Lastly, Spotr helps the environment too! By reducing physical visits and thus fuel, and increasing material lifetime, Spotr encourages housing corporations to care for the environment.